Weekend Writing Warriors: 9 June

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Another week already and time for Weekend Writing Warriors! We’re about to finish up the first scene!

I’ve been using snippets from my WIP currently called STOPPING BULLETS. My main character is a young woman, Justine, with a talent for stopping bullets and moving other things with her mind. She lives a secretive life to avoid becoming a lab rat somewhere. But her secret isn’t going to stay secret much longer.

I’ll continue from where I left off last week, where Quinn tried to stop Justine from leaving once he realized he recognized her. (For the full story so far, see my past SSS posts! The first one is here.) For context, the final line of that last post was “Once on the street, Quinn wouldn’t cause a scene.”

Here are the next eight!

My heart was definitely going to do the Alien routine and burst out of my chest. I continued to the sidewalk without answering, without looking back. I listened for footsteps, but maybe I couldn’t hear them over my heartbeat. I tried to calm myself with deep breaths but it didn’t matter. When Quinn had said my name, my steps had faltered. Quinn was a detective. That would tell him all he needed to know.


And we’ve reached the end of Scene 1 of this story! Come back next week to see how she deals with this.

This is a work in progress, so with that in mind, I welcome your comments!


  1. Walk faster Justine!

    Intriguing snippet. I’d say I’d like to be able to stop bullets with my mind, but I’d be scared of ending up a lab rat–or a dissection experiment.

    Also, love the book stack and magnifying glass image!

    • My thoughts exactly, Caitlin! These days I think that’s more likely to happen than anything else! And thanks for the comment on my cover image. The blog is due for some redecorating, but maybe I’ll keep the image!

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