Weekend Writing Warriors: 25 Aug

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Weekend Writing Warriors

I seem to be making this a biweekly thing here, even though Weekend Writing Warriors is a weekly blog-hop-thingy! If you want to know more about it, click the link or the logo to read about it and get your link listed.

I have another snippet from my WIP, currently called STOPPING BULLETS, the story of a young woman, Justine, with a talent for stopping bullets and moving other things with her mind. She lives a secretive life to avoid becoming a lab rat somewhere. But her secret isn’t going to remain a secret much longer.

To update: two weeks ago, Justine was wondering what it would be like to live like everyone else, having friends, family, not always on the move. (For the full story so far, see my past Six Sentence Sunday posts! The first one is here.)

I’m breaking my (personal) rule and  jumping ahead a paragraph or so, just to get to where things are happening. My thinking is if the snippet doesn’t seem interesting enough, then some snipping may be in order.

We ended the last snippet with “Maybe when I got to know someone, I wouldn’t have to relocate.” Well, here’s the next eight (a paragraph later)!


A flash of last night came to me, and guilt twisted my stomach. Quinn had been shot. But I’d been engrossed in how he’d recognized me without a thought to how he was doing. Although, he had been more about who I was, not asking for an ambulance.

Okay, not so much in the guilt department. I’d done what I’d had to do. I’d stayed hidden for too long to throw it away now.

So, why didn’t you run when you saw Quinn?


Work in progress here, but I’d love to know what you think!


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