Weekend Writing Warriors: 22 Sept

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Weekend Writing Warriors

Yay for three weeks in a row for Weekend Writing Warriors! I might manage to once more make this a regular thing. The last few months have been a little crazy, so hopefully I can be a little more consistent.

Weekend Writing Warriors has some terrific writers participating. To read some of their posts for this weekend, or if you’d like to participate in this weekly adventure, click the link or the logo.

I have the next snippet from my WIP. Currently titled STOPPING BULLETS, it’s the story of a young woman, Justine, with a talent for stopping bullets and moving other things with her mind. She lives a secretive life to avoid becoming a lab rat somewhere. But her secret isn’t going to remain a secret much longer.

To update: last week, Quinn had just arrived at the diner where Justine is working, and she tries to act normal while Quinn has an equally difficult time meeting her eyes. The events of the night before are on both their minds! Except the “night before” is not what you might be thinking… (For the full story so far, start with the Six Sentence Sunday posts! The first one is here.)

We ended the last snippet with Justine asking Quinn, “Anything else?” followed by Quinn’s “Uh, yes, actually.”

And here are the next eight:

I grabbed my order pad with relief; I could handle taking an order. It dawned on me that I wasn’t supposed to know anything about last night. “Something wrong with your arm?”
Quinn stared. When he didn’t add anything more, my heart rate kicked up a notch. “How are you?”
A beat passed before I could answer, “Fine.” Just peachy.
 Work in progress here, but I’d love to know what you think!

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