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I’m baa-aaaack. Yes, April became a sort of unannounced hiatus. I’m sorry I never formally announced that I wouldn’t be posting. At least I had good reason — the best reason, actually. I’ve been writing! I’m deep into revising my novel, STOPPING BULLETS. Every moment I get, I’m typing away.

I wish I had a great word count to report. I made some good progress in early April. Then came The Epiphany. A tiny realization of something I had missed, and then another, and soon I had to accept that the whole second half of my story needed to be reworked. So while I had nearly reached the halfway point in revising the story, most of April was spent reworking the rest (and some of the earlier parts I had already revised — and I added more new scenes!).

I continue to call this a revision, since I do have a first draft. But so much has changed, so many new scenes are being written and planned for, that it’s nearly an entirely new draft. It’s certainly not the same story I first wrote. Oh, well, it’s exponentially better than the first first draft, so I’m not really worried — except about how long it’s taking!

I’m going to continue working on my novel, so my posting may be sporadic. I will participate in Weekend Writing Warriors, so you can expect to see more of the story unfold. I have many reviews to post. And if I can manage it, I will post more character interviews, so you can meet more of the characters that populate the world of STOPPING BULLETS.

Thanks for your patience! If there’s a particular topic you’d like to hear about, a particular character from my novel you’d like to know more about, please leave a comment!

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