The Skitters are coming…

Tom Mason of Falling Skies
flickr credit: Filipão 28

My DVR is the best and worst thing that’s happened to me — okay, to my writing life, mostly. Years ago, I completely stopped watching TV. But being able to record shows and watch them whenever I want, I’ve slid back to watching TV more and more in the last few years.

But I mostly watch TV while on the treadmill, or otherwise occupied, so I can justify it. But some shows need NO justifying.

Falling Skies is one of those shows.

If you read any of my posts from last summer, you know that each week I justified my time watching this show by finding lessons it could teach me about writing. It was easier than you’d think.

If a show, movie, or book grabs your attention by the throat and doesn’t let you take a breath — and you like it enough that you don’t mind not breathing — then as a writer, you should sit up and start taking notes.

So, saddle up, cuz the skitters are back! The season premiere is this Sunday. And judging from the previews, I’m not waiting to watch it on my DVR. I’m killing two hours Sunday night to see how the men and women of the Second Mass face the aliens!

Oh, yeah, and I’m sure I’ll learn something, too. I’ll be sure to tell you about it.


    • And with watching everything on DVR, you get used to not watching commercials. I did watch Falling Skies last night (ack!) but every time the commercials came on, I reached for my remote to fast forward, until I remembered I couldn’t. But I plan to watch it again anyway (yes, it was that good – left me breathless half the time!). Enjoy Part 2!
      Hmm, now I have to figure out what I “learned” from the episode. Cuz that’s the only reason I watch TV of course. 😉

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