Six Sentence Sunday

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Six Sentence Sunday

I’ve recently joined the many authors who participate in #sixsunday. It’s just what it sounds like: I post six sentences from my work on my blog. That’s it! Follow the link in the caption if you’re interested in participating.

This week’s excerpt is from my WIP currently called STOPPING BULLETS (still awaiting a better title). My main character is a young woman, Justine, with a talent for stopping bullets and moving other things with her mind. She lives a secretive life to avoid becoming an experiment in a lab somewhere.

I’ll pick up a couple of sentences after the point where I left off a couple of weeks ago.

I walked north, crossed the street against the light with a group of chatty kids, my hood pulled low on my head. Been a while since I’d taken this route. Should be safe. I glanced down dark side streets as I passed them, and behind me occasionally for good measure. No one too close, no one paying too much attention, no one I’d seen before.

More people filled the sidewalks of Second Avenue, enough to get lost among them. 

This is hardly a finalized work, so with that in mind, feel free to comment!

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