Self-Publishing Resources, pt 2: Process & Design

Last week I posted links to articles and websites that helped me make my decision to self-publish and some that could help you decide how to go about that, if you decided to go the DIY route.

Today, I’m moving on to the process of self-publishing. It can be an involved process, but not necessarily difficult. You have to be organized and be able to keep track of everything. While I have yet to go through this process myself, these links are a collection of advice and recommended services I’ve found across the web, whether you decide to publish an ebook or print.

Technical Help with the Publishing Process and Book Design

The Indie Author Guide, by April L. Hamilton. Do yourself a favor and read this. I did. It’s a great resource. I feel so much better equipped to start the process.


How Much Work is Self-Publishing? This is a terrific article where the author outlined every step she took to self-publish her book. There are 90 steps! She still encourages writers to self-publish, but she knows it always helps to know what you’re getting into.

Making the Author-Editor Connection: The Importance of Being Edited  How to approach the process of finding an editor for your work. Joel Freidlander’s site is a gold mine of advice and information. Find awards to submit your work to here.

Tips on formatting your print book for CreateSpace and Lulu. Part 1 With screen shots. The page has a link for part 2.

Quickest, easiest, cheapest way to create an ebook? The author uses OpenOffice, and includes screen shots.

10 Questions to Ask Before Committing to Any E-Publishing Service These will help you avoid making decisions or mistakes you may regret.


The starred links below come recommended by Writer’s Digest, which had several articles on self-publishing in their latest issue. However, I haven’t had the opportunity to use them or explore their sites or services myself.

BookBaby will format and convert files, distribute and print your book, provide professional cover design, and host your author website.

Abbot Press Writer’s Digest’s indie publishing service.

Book Cover Café Book cover design, editing services, tips on marketing and using social media.

Infinity Publishing Self-publishing service

Smashwords The well-known ebook publishing and distribution platform. Publishing through Smashwords is free to publish and the service keeps a percentage of sales.

CreateSpace Here you can upload a book for availability at They also have forums available for anyone’s use.

Calibre Convert your files for your ebook here. *

Sigil Format your files for EPUB format. *

Scrivener Organizational writing software that allows the author to compile files, Scrivener supports conversion for an ebook. (I use this software to organize my writing.)

More printers – digital and POD – can be found at Aeonix Publishing Group or at The Independent Publishing Magazine. *

Lightning Source WD recommends this service if you think you’ll be printing more than one book. *

Editorial Freelancers Association A place to look for an editor. * When you’re looking for a book designer. *

Elance and Guru are sites I use myself to look for freelance editing and writing gigs. Use them to find an editor for your book.

Up next, a collection of resources to help with marketing your book! Stay tuned!

Have any resources to add? What did you use to self-publish?


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