Self-Publishing Resources, pt 1: Why & How

The internet is chock full of stuff. And I’ve made a point to collect the stuff I find useful by bookmarking them. I’ve used this blog to share the resources I’ve collected over the years. Mostly for fiction writers (resources for crime writers and writers of historical fiction, so far; more to come). I thought I’d take a different angle this time.

I write pretty often on the topic of self-publishing. It’s an ever-moving target, and since I plan to take this path to publish my own work, I’m especially interested. So it shouldn’t be a shocker to hear I have tons of resources on publishing, and self-publishing in particular. If you’re looking for resources on self-publishing, this is your lucky week!

Today, I’ll share some articles and websites that should help you make your decision on whether to self-publish or, if you’ve already decided to take the plunge, how to go about it. This isn’t a comprehensive list, just what I’ve collected during my own cyberwandering.

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Beware of the Self-Publishing Predators This article will give you some tips on how to avoid being scammed in your search for professional help. Click the button for the Book Shepard’s blog for ongoing advice on writing, marketing, and publishing your book.

The Business Rusch: Writing Like It’s 1999 A long but informative article on some of the changes in the publishing industry and consequences for authors. This post was a major factor in my decision to self-publish. Worth every minute of your time.

Notes from a Self-Publishing “Success Story” Just what it says…

Comparison of Ebook Royalties This overview can help you make your choice when deciding how to publish and distribute.


Self-Publishing Resources has posts in a wide range of topics that fall under self-publishing as well as other topics of interest to the self-publisher, such as blogging. They are also publishers of the book The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing, 5th ed. I’ve purchased this book myself, though I have yet to read it. I will, though, for certain. It’s a monster of a book and I’m sure it has much of what I’ll need to know.

All Indie Publishing has it all: articles on writing, editing, design, the business of publishing, plus a tools and resources section.

Let’s Get Digital has a pretty comprehensive “Basics” page on the process of self-publishing, plus advice on blogging, cover design, formatting, pricing, and other parts of the process.

Publetariat has articles and guides to design, writing, publishing and self-publishing, promotion; reviews of products, services, and books; trends and news.

Digital Book World The latest in ebook publishing, plus their annual conference.

Kindle Direct Publishing forums Recommended by WD, they are said to have the most active discussions out there. *

LinkedIn has many groups under the topic of publishing. I’m a member of several. Find some here.

The Creative Penn An awesome collection of advice and information. Joanna Penn has self-published and published traditionally and shares the lessons she’s learned. Listen to her podcast interviews with people from all over the industry.

Self-Publishing Yahoo! Group A very active Yahoo! group around since 2000. *

SPAWN The Small Publishers, Artists and Writer’s Network, recommended by WD. There’s a membership fee, but a lot of benefits associated with it, apparently. They also have a Yahoo! group for discussion among members. *

Absolute Write Self-Publishing and POD Forum A large, active community of writers. *

The Ning Community has a collection of Book Blogs.

Boardreader A search engine for searching forums by keyword. I also found this recommendation at WD, and haven’t heard of a search engine just for forums. Could be very useful!

* The links with an asterisk are resources I found in the latest (May/June) issue of Writer’s Digest, which had a few articles on self-publishing. I haven’t used these sites myself, but I figured a recommendation from WD was even better.

What resources have you used in your endeavors to self-publish? Please add any new resources in the comments. I’d love to see what others are using.


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  1. I love this list, Monica. Thanks for sharing. It comes at a perfect time as I am gathering a list of helpful resources for a workshop I have been asked to give at the end of May, to a group of trad published authors who are interesting in exploring self-pubbing. In response to your request to add more resources to this list, I would suggest the following sites:
    1. Joel Friedlander’s “The Book Designer”
    This site is chock full of advice about covers, formatting, fonts, marketing your books, and all other things book-ish.

    2. Catherine Ryan Howard’s “Catherine, Caffeinated”
    Catherine has multiple posts on self-publishing, including a step-by step process to getting an ITIN or EIN for non-American authors (so your royalties avoid a witholding tax), and has also published an ebook on the subject of step-by-step self publishing.

    3. David Gaughran’s “Let’s Get Digital”
    A very successful self-publisher, in a very short time, David offers practical advice based on his personal experience in the world of self-publishing. He also has many blog postings about current events and what’s happening in the world of publishing.

    There are so many sites/blogs out there now that it can be very confusing for someone starting out, so a list like the one that you have posted is an invaluable time-saver!

    We all are so fortunate to be writing and publishing at this time in history.

    • So glad this list came in handy for you, Diane! And thanks for the additional resources. I’ll be posting more (parts 2 and 3) later in the week. Hopefully, you’ll find more you can use.
      Good luck with your workshop!

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