Review: White Night, Jim Butcher

White Night
White Night by Jim Butcher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ok, I’ll admit it. I love Harry Dresden. Shocker, right?

Mr. Butcher, you’ve got yourself a die-hard fan here. Your characters rock. Your battles leave me breathless. And the world you created is fascinating — though I wouldn’t want to live there! Just one request: Can you let Harry sleep a little more?


Interesting developments with Molly. And Lasciel. I wonder if this is the last we’ll see of her. And when we thought they’d saved the women and gotten the bad guy, there was more to do! But the plan for taking down the White Court, well, they didn’t reveal much beforehand, but I figured it would be as nuts as Murphy thought. Hah! It may have been worse than her imagination could conjure up.

Harry’s pretense of being Thomas’s boyfriend to get out of the apartment was priceless. He’ll regret that one.

During the big battle scene, I kept waiting for Murphy to show up. I knew she had to, since Harry specifically asked if she was “in.” I couldn’t wait to see how she’d come riding in on her motorcycle or something — it was so worth the wait! Marcone and his mercenaries added an interesting element to their exit strategy — kind of emphasized how desperate they were. And speaking of exits, nice one, Harry! I’m sure there was no other way but to kiss her, huh?

This was hilarious:
“Welcome, sir,” the redhead said. “May I take your coat and…and stick?”
“That’s the closest I’ve come to being propositioned in years.”

Poor Harry! And right in front of Murphy. Ouch.

and this:

“I was going for cool and strong, but my voice came out sounding angry and not overly burdened with sanity.”

Murphy and Dresden continue their strictly “friends” policy. I’m hoping for a change in that. Thomas sure thinks they should. They really have grown on me.

Perhaps the only thing I missed from this one was there was a bit less in the Bob department. But the next story, which I’ve already started, is making up for it.

“Damn, there ain’t nothing like a good entrance.”

And an entrance that was. Awe. some.


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