Review: Proven Guilty, Jim Butcher

Proven Guilty
Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another excellent installment of the Dresden files. Are my reviews getting monotonous? I really have enjoyed every one of the books. They never feel like the same story shuffled around. Butcher finds a way to create new mayhem and near-apocalyptic conditions every time. And if you question that I’ve rated each with five stars, I’ll say that my thinking is to start at five stars and consider what detracts from that. Things like a subplot that doesn’t connect well with the main plot would knock down a five-star story to a four-star for me. A character acting out of character would lose a half or possibly a full star. None of those things have happened in any of the Dresden stories. In fact, I had rated the first few stories as four stars, but then realized there were no circumstances detracting from a five-star rating.

WARNING: Mild spoilers ahead.

So I fully enjoyed this story. But, oh, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy. How could you do that to Harry! Come to your senses! Please!

The battle in the Nevernever was one of the scarier ones they’ve had to get through yet. It wouldn’t have surprised me if they’d lost someone. The fact that they made it all back, well, I’m glad, even if it tests one’s suspension of disbelief. It didn’t reach my limits, though, since Harry had help from the Summer fire. Sure loved when he burned up the last Fetch and then yelled “Who’s next?” And all the fetches went running. Awesome. I’m sure, up close, he would have looked kind of scary at that moment, but from this distance… cool.

Eagerly anticipating the next story, I’m a true Harry Dresden fan now!

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