Review: Fool Moon by Jim Butcher

Fool Moon
Fool Moon by Jim Butcher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The second installment in The Dresden Files was just as fun as the first. A fantastic ride. While I first gave this four stars, I changed my rating to five because I realized there was nothing that detracted from this story for me. I rate by starting with five stars and thinking of things about the story I didn’t like or took away from the story enough to knock off a star. Couldn’t think of any, so… five stars. Simple as that.

I’m getting to know Harry a bit better. He’s awkward, sincere, inept, a terrible liar, not all-powerful, has a weakness for women in distress and women with long legs, wickedly sarcastic, flippant, irreverent, arrogant, sometimes slow on the uptake, worries about the little guy, hates bullies, tries to be responsible, doesn’t always succeed, cries, worries about his cat, and will puke after seeing a torn-up dead body.

Harry takes risks, usually to help someone else, and this time comes too close to magic he shouldn’t play with. We get to see him go up against werewolves and mobsters, and it’s not clear who he’s more intimidated by. He succeeds in stopping those who would do nothing good, but he pays a price.

An oft-misunderstood wizard, blamed for many things he’s usually trying to stop or prevent, Harry Dresden is perhaps unlike any character I’ve read. Certainly one of the most memorable. I had instant affection for this character, especially how he’s read by James Marsters. I’m moving on immediately to the next in the series.

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