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Dead Beat
Dead Beat by Jim Butcher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Butcher manages to find new ways every time to create trouble for Harry and not have it seem like ‘been there done that.’ Implications the White Council isn’t all it seems, changes Harry’s going through, and a hint of romance to boot. Bring it on!

Great evolution of characters in this one. We still get action and suspense, but we also get to know the characters better and see how they’ve changed. At the same time, the larger arc for Harry continues to develop. But I feel sorry for him sometimes! He continues to get banged up, attacked from multiple direction, and the pace of events is unrelenting. Which for the reader is awesome. For Harry, not so much.

Harry is definitely the flawed hero, and at times even a dark hero. His choices can be questionable. He has weaknesses that get him into trouble — too often. But why oh why, Harry, did you say yes? No spoilers here, but dear Harry, you know that’s going to bite you in the ass, and probably sooner than later…

A fantastic, wild climax, everything you want, and still laugh out loud funny. The wrap up was a bit briefer than I’d like, but that’s mainly because I’m waiting to see what happens to certain people. I know these will be addressed in the next book — I hope!

I must say — and I should have said this in one of my earlier reviews for this series — that I highly recommend starting this series from the first book. While Butcher does give brief reviews of the basics of the story world and how Harry’s magic works, etc., there is a larger story arc that unfolds gradually, a little bit in each book. If you started a few books in, or say, in book #6, you’d miss a lot of the implications of what was going on, you’d be missing an understanding of the characters and how they developed, and certain revelations or events wouldn’t have as much meaning for you. It’s even possible you wouldn’t understand what’s going on — though I can’t say for sure, since I’m reading them in order. So, do yourself a favor and start from book #1. You’ll enjoy the series all the more — and I bet you won’t be able to stop there!

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