Review: Cold Vengeance, by Preston & Child

Cold Vengeance
Cold Vengeance by Douglas Preston

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay, I ran straight for this book after reading Fever Dream. We just had a big reveal at the end of that story and there was no waiting. Cold Vengeance lived up to expectations. It’s gripping, non-stop suspense that constantly raises more questions than it answers, and for Pendergast fans, it gives more insight into the character than perhaps all previous Pendergast novels. The FBI Agent came dangerously close to the “edge” in Fever Dream, but in Cold Vengeance he leaps over that line. We see Pendergast as we’ve never seen him in his desperate pursuit of what may or may not be the truth. I’ll say no more, as I hate to give spoilers.

Although I enjoyed this book immensely, I expected more answers than I got. And near the end, when the brother-in-law is pressing Pendergast to go along with his plan, and insists that there’s no time to explain — it felt a bit forced. They did have time for a brief explanation about what was going on.

One more thing — the title doesn’t seem to fit. This story wasn’t about vengeance at all, but about finding the truth. Pendergast had more vengeance on the brain in the previous story, but with the new information he has, he’s moved on.

Finally, I have one question for the authors, Preston and Child: REALLY??? You really left us there? I’ve read that there won’t be another Pendergast novel for a while, and that makes the ending to this novel so much WORSE! Normally, I would have already started the next one – but there is no next one, with no date on when you’ll pick up the tale. You are not finished with Agent Pendergast. There are too many unanswered questions, too many dangling threads. You have two characters that have been kidnapped, a secondary character possibly mortally injured, Pendergast bleeding, and implications all over the place that there’s a whole bunch more going on — with multiple characters. Just in case you get it in your head that you’re tired of writing this character — sorry, but with an ending like that, you are not allowed to stop.

Just saying.

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