Resources for Building Your Magical World

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Last post, I asked some questions that can help you clarify the magic you’re using in your story. Plus I gave links for sites on magical world building.

But maybe your story is based in a world much like ours, but has fantastical or magical elements. This is how I scratch the itch to write a supernatural story without too much work!

Magic, Witches, and Spells

Depending on the magical context you’re writing in, you may want to check out these sites:

Encyclopedia Mythica covers mythology, folklore, and religion. There’s a section on witchcraft that offers background on the history of witchcraft in the real world.

Another site dealing with the history and sociology of magic in the real world is Societas MagicaThey’ve published some books on these subjects. Yes, paper books.

At the Fiction Factor site is an interesting article by Brenton Tomlinson, “Reinventing the Wheel: Quick Resources for Fantasy Writers.” He used the list of spells from a gaming site  to see what was out there spells-wise, so he could know how to break the norms in developing magic for his story. He also discusses creating or using languages.

There are plenty of blogs and websites entitled “How to Build a Fantasy World” or something along those lines. I’ll just point you to just one more. But make sure you have plenty of time. You start clicking and two hours get sucked into cyberspace. This site has lots of links, which in turn have links themselves. Some links are broken. Others are priceless.

About Writing: these links include some I’ve already given you here. One that came up with a 404 gave this new link:  Ten Rules by Holly Lisle—plus one.

That’s all for today. Next post, I’ll throw in some extras! Articles that discuss world building (not how-to, but discussion) and a few unusual links that could always prove helpful.

Until then, let me know what sources you use in your research! I’m always looking to add to my collection!


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