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For the final installment (yes! I have more) of this series on historical fiction resources, I have for you sites with information on specific times or places in history. These are resources I’ve picked up perhaps while researching for something similar, or perhaps I stumbled onto them, and I thought they were worth keeping. Keep reading if you’re working on a story that involves World War II, Easter Island, or Ancient Britain, Rome, China or Anglo-Saxons, or for some reason, mining.

A Time…

The links below are for sites that focus on a certain time period or event in history. If your story happens to occur in one of these time periods, you’re in luck!

WWII: People’s War is an archive of WWII memories, written by the public, gathered by BBC between 2003 and 2006.

History & Anthro/Archaeology is a site with a broad reach. Find a slew of links here for information on Medieval, US, and Ancient History and Archaeology, various timelines and manuscripts, and, curiously, a section dedicated to Shoes & Leather.

The Internet Ancient History Sourcebook contains original texts of ancient manuscripts, including poetry. Perfect fodder for a writer’s imagination.

…And a Place

The following sites may help you if your story happens to occur in the location covered by the site:

BBC: London: Cemeteries lists Victorian Memorial Symbols used in the Magnificent Seven cemeteries of London

British History Online is a digital library of primary and secondary sources covering the history of the British Isles. Goes as far back as the 16th century.

Mysterious Places: Explore Sacred Sites and Ancient Civilizations covers remote or eccentric locations such as Easter Island or Stonehenge

At LacusCurtius: Into the Roman World you’ll find everything you’d want to know about the ancient Roman world.

Regia Anglorum: Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British Living History contains articles on the history, religion, crafts, and ships, weapons, and warfare of the people.

Ancient China: You’ll get some very basic data on, as you guessed, Ancient China, but there are many links to more in-depth information.

And a final link is to a site for Goldsheet Mining History. Don’t even know how I came across this link, but if anyone’s doing a story that involves mining, this could come in handy!

This post concludes this series. I hope you find these useful in your research. And of course, I’d love to add any sites you might have to my collection. Please add them in the comments!


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