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This is me!I’ve been fascinated by the eerie, odd, and supernatural ever since the six-fingered hand of the Creature Feature movies crawled out of the ground and gave me nightmares of bugs making words on my bedroom wall. That six-fingered hand was my gateway drug, and later led to addictions to Buffy, Angel, and Farscape.

As a kid, I’d read anything I could get my hands on — my siblings remember me as always with my nose in a book — but I’ve watched more sci-fi and fantasy than I’ve read. I’m now rectifying that — I’m on my third read of The Dresden Files, and I’m still licking my emotional wounds after working my way through The Game of Thrones series.

I now choose to waste my time with shows like Fallen Skies and Sherlock. Do not ask me about reality TV. I will do just about anything for dark chocolate. I do my crosswords in pen and will not google the answers. I’ve been known to stand outside on a cold winter night just to catch a glimpse of Orion or Mars. Oh, and I’m writing a story of my own like those I like to read.

I’m a copyeditor knocked down from production editor by the recession. In past lives, I’ve been a researcher, a waitress, an architect-in-training, and an algebra teacher. I’ve studied architecture, education, and tai chi as a martial art. And I’ve lived in the Hudson Valley of New York, South Bend (Indiana), Chicago, and Rome. I once again call the Hudson Valley home.

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There’s a word for a writer who never gives up… published.  –JA Konrath


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